Are Passports Required to Cruise?

Effective June 1, 2009, all U.S. Citizens must have a passport to travel outside of the U.S. by air, land or sea.

There is an exemption for 'Closed-loop' cruises - ie cruises beginning and departing in a U.S. port.
This will allow you to cruise with a government issued ID and birth certificate, however, you must keep in mind, if there were some sort of emergency during the course of your cruise, you would NOT be able to fly home due to passports being required for ALL international Flights.

For more information, please visit:

Please visit our Links Page to get more information about how to obtain a passport or passport card.

Can I buy my cruise somewhere else?

Anyone who wishes to attend the onboard seminar must purchase their cruise from us in order to attend.

When planning and budgeting for our seminars, we have to take everything into account; this includes your purchasing your cruise through us; if you wish to book your own cruise, you may attend the seminar at 200% of the normal cost.

Please be advised though, if you do not book your cruise through us, you will be excluded from any group events such as
cocktail parties & cruiseline sponsored gifts or perks. These are some of the benefits of being part of a larger group.

Please note that we do our very best to offer our attendees the best price that we possibly can. Our prices are special rates secured for our group, if there is a change in price prior to final payment, we will generally pass this along to our guests in a reduced final payment or in the form of an upgrade.

We pride ourselves in customer service, and delivering the WoW to our attendees.

Please call or email if you have any further questions.

Traveling Solo...I want to attend but I can't find another nurse to room with.

If you wish to attend, you don't need to have a roommate who is also a nurse. We keep our cruise fees and seminar fees separate so that you can bring anyone you want...

Bring a spouse, a significant other, a relative, a friend, or even your children! Make it a family vacation.

If you are unable to find someone, please note that single cruise fares are 150% - 200% of the normal cruise fare. Sometimes we can find special rates, but there is no guarantee.

We sometimes have other nurses in the same 'boat' and will try to put you in touch, however, we do not have a formal roommate matching program. Please call us for further information.

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